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When Two showgirls make shoes...

Story Of Dondoks from Dondoks Paris on Vimeo.


Dondoks is a Franco-Mexicano-Brasilian shoe brand, and above all the beautiful story of two friends who met through their common passion for dancing.

Carmen and Charlotte both started ballet at a very young age, one in Mexico and the other in France, before joining paths in Paris. Both girls worked as Showgirls in renowned cabarets such as the Moulin Rouge and the Lido de Paris, and modeled for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, while enjoying life "à la parisienne".

After studying fashion business at International Fashion School Esmod, Charlotte had a thought: why not create something of their very own, based on the girls' second common love: shoes.

Dondoks was therefore born from the two girls' will to create a colorful shoe brand that would breathe feminity and joie de vivre, sourcing inspiration from their shared Latino roots and backgrounds in Cabaret.

Their sandals are designed to install exotic style and fun to your outfit, while raising consumer awareness of the production and sales processes. All products are handmade in Brazil by leather artisans, and combine aesthetic designs and local production, far from the modern mass-market way of consumption.